Stéphane Flasse

"I love supporting people developing sustainably and harmoniously with the Earth. "

"I am always touched and humbled by people's amazing stories and life journeys."


I love seeing people living harmoniously with themselves and with our planet Earth.

I am a Life Alignment practitioner, teacher and consultant, and an agronomy engineer with a PhD in applied satellite remote sensing.
I am Belgian and dad of 3 children.

As a satellite remote sensing agronomist, I have been travelling around the world to collaborate with developing countries in the management of their natural resources. I have been a researcher and invited professor at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), researcher at the EC-Joint Research Centre (Italy) and principal scientist at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich (UK).
Since 2001 I have been a freelance consultant.

Through personal development, I have also come across holistic healing systems aiming at improving balance and well-being. While initially challenged by these approaches, I have since marvelled at their precision, power, and depth for personal, professional and global transformation.
I have been practicing Life Alignment since 2005, and a teacher since 2011.

I will travel to meet and work with you where you are or at distance. I am able to communicate in English, French and Italian.

I am particularly fond of - and specialise in - facilitating and supporting organisations working from their Heart.


A continuous journey of discovery...

I am a member of the following associations and professional bodies:


BCMA - British Complementary Medicine Association


AET - Association of Energy Therapists



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