Alignment for our ENVIRONMENTS
What is it?

Alignment for our Environments is a set of ground breaking approaches, unique and powerful, to assist in the restoration of harmony and well-being in your “spaces”, i.e. in your homes, in your work places, or on your land.

Alignment for our Environment addresses the space as a whole, i.e. including building, land, people and activities & interractions taking place in the space. It neutralises, balances and clears unwanted energies. It restores a natural and vital flow of energy, bringing back harmony in the life journey of yourself and your people (family, staff, team, animals), resulting in deep transformations.

Alignment for our Environments can also work with your relationship with “home” on a wider sense, i.e. personal space, home space, environment and cosmos.


"Words can only attempt to describe this work!
Trying it with an open mind will always lead you on
an extraordinary journey of discovery!
What is it based on?

Our “environment” can affect our wellness in a variety of ways, such as:

  • geopathic and electromagnetic stress (depending on locations)
  • the building or land carrying negative energies
  • what people bring to the space, such as aspects of themselves that may go back to their early experiences
  • activities taking place in the space (home/office), including relationships and interactions between the occupants
  • previous occupants, their stories and activities within the space
  • Food, water, …

Alignment for our Environments addresses the whole picture!

Alignment for our Environments is part of a wider system called Life Alignment, used worldwide. Life Alignment also integrates the essence of many techniques of personal development, protection and harmonisation: Kinesiology, Dowsing, Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Biomagnetism, Emotional Freedom Technique, Feng-Shui, and many more.

Why use Alignments for our Environments?
  • It regards the space as an inseparable and interconnected whole, taking all its dimensions and areas into account
  • It targets and tackles the heart of the problem, bringing to light root causes and perceptions not usually readily visible or available.
  • It acts as a facilitator, a catalyst, for you to identify and resolve the issues.
  • It works dynamically in stages, “peeling” the appropriate layers, finding the optimal route to the core issues
  • It is precise, radical, effective and powerful
  • Changes take place without having to concentrate on them
  • It aligns the space with its “heart”, its spirit, allowing a natural flow.

Overall, Alignment for our Environments can help you to:

  • Bring fast, deep, lasting and positive changes to complex environment
  • Brings general serenity and well being in the space
  • Improves general health foundations
  • Facilitate family or staff dynamics

More specifically for the business and the organisation, it will help to:

  • Enhance staff motivation, vitality, well being and dialogue at work, hence reduce sick leave and improve efficiency
  • Attracts the staff, clients, and customers in tune with the space.
It can also help estates activities such as selling and renting.

Alignment Services

The Space Alignment is a dynamic process.  It could be considered like a “healing journey” for our environments. The process is intense and profound. Each intervention brings adjustment and transformation.

While they all work with the same basic principles, they may have some specific focus, such as:

Home Alignment

As its name indicates, Home Alignment is specifically indicated for the home, i.e. the house and the family.

Work Space Alignment

Here too, as its name indicates, Work Space Alignment is any working environment such as:

  • offices
  • factory
  • warehouses
  • stores & shops
  • schools
  • restaurants
  • farms
  • etc.

Land Alignment

While the land around premise is usually part of a home or work space alignment, dedicated Land Alignment is recommended for larger piece of land such as farm land, forests, national parks, etc.

 It includes water bodies.

In Practice

The Alignment for our Environments is a dynamic process. It could be considered like a healing session for the space. The process is intense and profound. Each intervention brings important adjustments.

Alignment for our Environments can work in many different settings and will very much depend on the type and size of the spaces to be aligned. Typically, sessions take place on site, over one day on average, with at least the instigator. However, every situation is different. Work can take longer, can be undertaken remotely and take place off-site.

Below is a summary for a Home or Work space Alignment Intervention.


Preceding a space alignment session, common understanding is established between you and us, allowing to define the main aim, the best way forward and what needs preparing for the session (e.g. floor plans and occupants list).

Basic space clearance

The very first step identifies external sources of energy (on which you have very little control, such as electromagnetic and geopathic stress) that are affecting you and your space. In order to transform these energies into energies in harmony with your human energy field, and in order also to support the whole home alignment process, one or two specific essential vortex cards will have to be placed in the space. Recommendation for additional useful cards will be provided too, such as for water supply, food, and specific electromagnetic stresses.

Space harmonization

Space harmonization involves releasing blockages along the space energy flow. This is done by working with the occupant on specific emotional charges that can be found in any area of the space and linked to any area life/work (e.g. creativity, children, money, relationship, career, health, staff, etc.).

Further personal harmonisation

If you are willing to go further, space alignment can bring the work to even greater depth by including additional steps to specifically address your relationships with “home in all its dimensions”: personal space, home, environment and cosmos. This work is embedded in the space alignment process and is essentially made of additional personal alignment balances to strengthen, where required, your harmony and relationship with these “homes”.

Next steps

At the end of a session, areas are checked to identify what is needed to support the alignment processes and what would best benefit you and your space next, this may include:

  • activities and/or actions in specific areas, to  support the alignment process, e.g. some direct action on the space such as “clear clutter”, “bring or remove some objects”, etc.
  • Priority areas that need attention and possible need for future sessions.

Finally, each intervention is summarised in a report.


Although each case is different, typically, for a 2-floor building, a full alignment would require about 5-6 hours with the client (i.e., not including preparation and reporting work). Work can be divided in several sessions, as long as they are not too distant in time

Alignment levels

Level 1 – Basic clearance alignment is a limited space alignment. It is an extended version of the basic space clearance element, as summarised above. This alignment is already very beneficial, however it cannot reach the depth of the other levels..

Level 2 – Standard space alignment involves the basic space clearance and the space harmonisation elements as summarized above.

Level 3 – Advanced space alignment involves thebasic space clearance, the space harmonisation, and the further personal harmonisation as summarized above.


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