Life Alignment
What is it?

Life Alignment is a ground breaking vibrational approach to assist us in restoring well-being and harmony in all the dimensions of our life.

Life Alignment is an integrated collection of energy healing systems to address all aspects of our life experiences:

  • health and well-being
  • family and relationships
  • home, career and workplace
  • creativity and life purpose
  • environment (e.g., food, water, air, nature)

Life Alignment is a tool for personal and global transformation.


Life Alignment is practiced and taught throughout the world. It is also taught at the Holos University.





Why Life Alignment?
  • Life Alignment regards the dimensions and areas of our life as a whole.


  • Life Alignment tackles the heart of the problem, directly aiming to the root causes, rather than the symptoms, allowing fast, deep and lasting changes.


  • Life Alignment restores the energy flow to naturally bring us back to a state of wholeness and harmony, where healing naturally takes place.


  • Life Alignment deals with what is ready to be worked on, with precision and power.
What is it based on?

Life Alignment's basic premise is that we are multi-dimensional beings (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), living libraries of information, made up of a combination of energy systems.

Our life journey is made up of events in many of areas:

These events (e.g., emotions, environmental stress, minor and major physical and psychological events, etc.), and the way we live and process them (e.g. expressed or repressed emotions) are locked in our subconscious memory pathways and becomes part of our biological systems. Generally initiated in the subtle realm (emotional, mental, spiritual), they eventually manifest within the physical dimension.

"Symptoms" therefore, whether in our body, in our relationship, or at work, often appear to bring to our attention imbalances and blockages requiring our committed attention.

As such, each and everyone of us carry our stories everywhere we go and in everything we do: family, work, leasure, ... Until we clear them, patterns and belief systems will re-appear in all areas of life.

As everything is interconnected (as science increasingly discovers), we are all part of one universal consciousness, and issues cannot be dissociated from all these elements.

Life Alignment addresses the whole picture!

Life Alignment integrates in a unique blend the essence of many techniques of personal development, protection and harmonisation: Kinesiology, Dowsing, Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Biomagnetism, Emotional Freedom Technique, Feng-Shui, and many more.


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