What is it?

Alignment for Organisations is a set of ground breaking approaches, unique and powerful, to assist you to bring sustainable well being and harmony to the core of your organisation, in all its dimensions, creating a safe and powerful framework for a thriving journey.

It acts as a unique catalyst for you to identify and resolve the subtle imbalances which prevent your business from unleashing its true potential.

It is insightful, immediate & tangible, breathing new life into your business!

Whether it is used for change & transformation, for growth & development, for specific problem solving, for new ideas testing, or simply for “maintenance”, the alignments will bring profound and lasting positivity to your organisation.

Alignment for Organisations is an opportunity for your organisation or your business, to make a long lasting difference to its own (ad)venture, and to become a beneficial presence on the planet.

"Words can only attempt to describe this work!
Trying it with an open mind will always lead you on
an extraordinary journey of discovery!
What is it based on?

Organisations are made up of “relationships” and “interactions” between:

  • people (colleagues, boss, employees, clients, contractors, members, beneficiaries, …),
  • their individual lives (with their own story, life purpose, health, friends and family, leisure),
  • their environment (buildings, home, land, nature, tools, animals, food, …),
  • money, society, global change, …

As everything is interconnected (as science increasingly discovers), we are all part of one universal consciousness, and an organisation cannot be dissociated from all these elements.

Visible & invisible imbalances, stress, issues and dynamics within the organisation may rise from elements, including

  • what people bring as individuals, such as aspects of themselves and their stories (which may go back to their early experiences),
  • the nature and the way activities take place in the organisation,
  • geopathic and electromagnetic stress (often depending on locations).

Like for a human being, an organisation will thrive when in harmony with its “heart”, and when its “full potential, its “life force”, flow naturally.

Alignment for Organisations addresses the whole picture!

Alignment for Organisations is part of a wider system called Life Alignment, used worldwide. Life Alignment also integrates the essence of many techniques of personal development, protection and harmonisation: Kinesiology, Dowsing, Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Biomagnetism, Emotional Freedom Technique, Feng-Shui, and many more.

Why use Alignment for Organisations?

Alignment for Organisations,

  • regards the organisation as an inseparable and interconnected whole, taking all its dimensions and areas into account, whether conceptual (e.g. goals & processes), functional, human, or environmental.
  • acts as a facilitator, a catalyst, for you to identify and resolve the issues.
  • targets and tackles the heart of the problem, bringing to light root causes and perceptions not usually readily visible or available.
  • works dynamically in stages, “peeling” the appropriate layers, finding the optimal route to the core issues.
  • aligns the organisation with its “heart”, with its spirit and mission, liberating its “life force”, naturally allowing a flourishing organisation to take place.
  • is precise, radical, effective and powerful.
  • brings changes taking place without having to concentrate on them.

Alignment for Organisations leads you to:

  • Be aligned and in harmony with the accelerating changes and shifts in the world, rather than be controlled by them, leading to freedom and empowerment
  • Find adequate answers to complex and difficult modern-day issues

Alignment for Organisations therefore enables you to bring:

  • Improved organisation dynamic
  • The right staff, clients, customers, members, and activities
  • Enhanced vitality, well-being, motivation, and attitude within the staff
  • Fast, deep, lasting and positive changes
  • Clarity, abundance and ease
In summary, Alignment for Organisation gives you the opportunity to “make the difference” locally, while impacting globally


Who is it for?

Alignment for Organisations is for any type of organisation, any individual, team, or group of people going somewhere passionately, e.g.:

  • from a sole trader to a corporation,
  • from the private to the public sectors,
  • from project level to whole organisation, via individual department level,
  • from families to charities & associations.

All sectors will benefit, e.g.:

  • retail, services, consultants,
  • health (hospitals, medical centres, complementary therapies)
  • education (schools, universities)
  • natural resources (farming, forestry)
  • international development & humanitarian aid
  • food, sports, art, entertainment, leisure, publication, …
Alignment Services

The Alignment for Organisation is a progressive journey, a dynamic process, a “coaching process”.  It could be considered like a “healing journey” for the organisation. The process is intense and profound. Each intervention brings important adjustments.

While they all work with the same basic principles, alignment services are chosen to best support your organisation where it is needed at the time:


This is the core approach. It addresses the overall organisation, according to where it wants to go, identifying and releasing specific issues and blockages.  It also tackles basic building energy clearing. The Organisation Alignment can also be applied to any “sub-unit”, such as individual department.

PROJECT Alignment

The Alignment approach is applied to “projects” under two main frameworks:

  • as part of an organisation: the Project Alignment focuses on specific issues, e.g.,
    • a project or an activity
    • a problem to solve
    • staff recruitment
    • start up activities
    • assessment of new ideas
  • as “independent projects”: the Project Alignment supports independent process, e.g.,
    • international development projects
    • humanitarian aid projects
    • starting enterprise

SPACE Alignment

If we constantly work within “sick” environments, it will affect our well-being and it will be very difficult to sustain the benefit of the alignment work. Space alignment is therefore often a process part of the Organisation Alignment, during which problems may be identified within specific spaces, such as offices, factory, warehouses, stores & shops, specific floors, land for which specific clearance is required.

It can also be used independently to simply add depth to the process and ensure that all working spaces are safe and sound (see Alignment for our Environment).

Support Coaching

In assistance to the general process, Support Coaching are short interventions in support to specific requests or issues, such as meeting preparation, specific small problem solving, etc.


In Practice

Alignment for Organisation can work in many different settings. Typically, sessions take place on site, over half or one day, with the instigator and any other relevant representative members of staff. However, every situation is different and can be accommodated for.


Preceding a session, common understanding is established between you and us during an initial meeting, allowing to define the best way forward and what needs preparing for the session (e.g. mission statement, organisational charts, floor plans).

Organisation's direction

The “direction” of your organisation forms the framework for the alignment work.

This important step consists in confirming the “direction” of your organisation, the raison d’être and “destination” you want to give to your organisation.

Basic space clearing

The Organisation’s space is checked for any external sources of energy (such as electromagnetic and geopathic stress) that must be transformed into energies in harmony with our human energy field before the organisation alignment work can be carried out. You may be required to place some essential vortex cards on specific location in the building.

"Health Check"

The “energy flow” of the organisation is mapped. This is like a health check, a very useful snap shot of how your organisation is doing, internally or within its external relationships and interactions with, for example, clients, suppliers, etc.  

This “energy map” is analysed to identify where there may be blockages and leakages, be it within individual units/departments/projects or be it within their relationships.

This flow is a synthetic representation of how the organisation is doing in all its dimensions, which will bring to light visible & invisible, known & unknown elements and clues.


“Balances” are the central part of the process. They are the “peeling stage”. They  identify the root causes of issues and tackle the blockages (difficulties & problems) that obstruct the natural flow of energy, preventing the effectiveness of the spirit of the organisation. These issues and blockages may be linked to individuals, to relationships between staff, to relationships between departments, or to relationships with external players. Balances usually involve working on specific people (whether they are present or not).

Re-establishing the flow enables the organisation to travel towards its direction, with increase ease, abundance and harmony.

Next steps

At the end of a session, areas are checked to identify what is needed to support the alignment process and what would best benefit your organisation next, this may include:

  • activities and/or actions in specific areas, to  support the Organisation alignment process;
  • Harmonizing your working spaces (offices, warehouses, centres, …)
  • Priority areas (projects, departments, staff, …) that need attention.

Finally, each intervention is summarised in a report.


The process for a Project Alignment is similar to the above description. For Space Alignment, please see Alignment for our Environment.


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